Product Recall 56SG08 & 56SG09

Food Safety Alert

“Yuki & Love” Litchi Jelly –荔枝凍 – 200g

SKU: 56SG08

Best Before: 03/09/18, 17/01/19


“Yuki & Love” Mango Jelly –芒果凍 – 200g

SKU: 56SG09 

Best Before: 30/07/18, 07/11/18, 17/01/19


Taipec Limited are recalling packs of Yuki and Love jelly confectionery in both Litchi and Mango flavours due to them containing Konjac powder as an ingredient which, whilst not harmful is not permitted as an ingredient in confectionery products as it may present the risk of a choking hazard.  Consumers are advised not to consume the product due to this risk.


Please return any product that you have to the point of purchase for a full refund.


Taipec Ltd apologise to retailers and consumers for any inconvenience caused by our voluntary recall.