Vegetables Casserole with Crystal Noodle

Vegetables Casserole with Crystal Noodle
Cooks in: 30 mins
Serves: 2


Cooking Sauce:

4 tablespoon KL Veg Mushroom Oyster Sauce;

1 tablespoon EF Sesame Oil; 

Some TM Tasty Pepper Salt;

½ teaspoon sugar;

1 ½ cup water.


Fresh Ingredients:

2 roll LK Bean Vermicelli;

150g broccoli;

2 carrots;

30g sweet bell peppers;

2 okras;

4 ginger slices;

1 chilli;

2 fresh mushrooms.




Step 1: Soak the bean vermicelli in water until soft and cut it into two parts.

Step 2: Pour a bit oil into one casserole and heat it with gentle fire.

Step 3: Cut broccoli into small parts, slice carrots, chop sweet bell peppers, and boil them until cooked.

Step 4: Add four tablespoons of oil, ginger slices, chilli, and all ingredients for making sauce into the pan and boil them for a while. After that, add bean vermicelli and other vegetable ingredients into the pan and stir-fry them.

Step 5: Finally, add the stir-fried bean vermicelli to the casserole; cover the lid and keep stewing it until the sauce becomes thicker.

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