Fish Rolls on the steamed egg

Fish Rolls on the steamed egg
Cooks in: 30 mins
Serves: 2 - 3


Cooking Sauce: 

1 tablespoon HD BBQ Sauce;

1 HD Clam Broth Stock Cube;

1 teaspoon tapioca flour with water.


Fresh Ingredients:

1 yellow croaker/sea bass/sea bream;

2 eggs;

2 spring onions;

15g ginger strips;

1 chilli.



Step 1:  Cut spring onions and chilli into strips, remove bones and cut the fish into slices.

Step 2:  Wrap strips of spring onions, ginger, and chilli with fish slices and make them into rolls.

Step 3:  Mix eggs with 300 cc water, pour the liquid into a steamer pot, and steam it until soft – boiled.

Step 4:  Place fish rolls on the steamed egg taken out from the steamer, and steam them for 2-3 more minutes.

Step 5:  Put BBQ sauce and 1 clam broth stock cube into 150 cc water, add tapioca flour with water when the sauce is stir-fried until boiled.

Step 6:  Finally, pour the sauce on fish rolls and the steamed egg.

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