Steamed Spareribs with Rice Flour

Steamed Spareribs with Rice Flour
Cooks in: 50 mins
Serves: 2








Cooking Sauce: 

1 tablespoon HD BBQ Sauce; 

1 tablespoon MS Sweet Soybean Sauce; 

3 tablespoons TM Steamed Meat Coating with Five Spice;

1 tablespoon KL White Amazake; 

1 tablespoon EF Sesame Oil;

½ tablespoon Sichuan paprika powder (Sichuan Pepper Powder); 

1 teaspoon sugar.


Fresh Ingredients: 

300g Spareribs;

1 piece dried lotus leaf;

Some sliced spring onions;

10g ground ginger;

20g ground garlic.




Step 1:  Cut spareribs into cubes and wash them.

Step 2:  Soak the dried lotus leaf in hot water, wash and spread it on the steamer plate.

Step 3:  Mix spareribs with BBQ sauce, sweet soybean sauce, white amazake, Sichuan paprika powder, ground ginger, ground garlic, sugar, and marinade them for 10 minutes.

Step 4:  Add and mix some sesame oil with ribs, cover them with steamed meat coating with five spice, and put the ribs on the steamer plate.

Step 5:  Steam the ribs for 30-40 minutes with high heat, and sprinkle some sliced spring onions on the ribs when they are cooked.









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