Spicy Three-cups Cuttlefish

Spicy Three-cups Cuttlefish
Cooks in: 15 mins
Serves: 2


Cooking Sauce:

1 tablespoon HD Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce;

1 teaspoon KL Veg Mushroom Oyster Sauce;

2 tablespoon Cooking Rice Wine;

1 teaspoon sugar.


Fresh Ingredients:

1 cuttlefish;

Some ground garlic;

1 chili;

6 piece basil leaves;

2 spring onions;

5g ginger.



Step 1: Wash and cut cuttlefish into cubes; carve each cube into diagonal patterns.

Step 2: Boil cuttlefish cubes until cooked, and cool them down with cold water. 

Step 3: Slice both chili and ginger and chop spring onions.

Step 4: Heat the pan with a tablespoon of oil, put sliced chili, spring onions, and ginger into it and stir-fry them with medium fire.

Step 5: Add cuttlefish cubes into the pan and stir-fry all the ingredients.

Step 6: Add basil leaves and seasonings to the pan; stir-fry them evenly and serve.

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