Jade Dew in BBQ Sauce

Jade Dew in BBQ Sauce
Cooks in: 25 mins
Serves: 3


Cooking Sauce:

1 teaspoon HD BBQ Sauce;

1 teaspoon EF Sesame Oil; 

½ teaspoon chicken powder;

1 teaspoon tapioca flour with water.


Fresh Ingredients:

8 mushrooms;

50g fresh mashed shrimp;

5g ground carrot;

5g green peas;

50g spinach.




Step 1: Soak mushrooms in hot water for several minutes. 

Step 2: Mix fresh mashed shrimp with ground carrot, and shape the mixture into small cubes.

Step 3: Boil the spinach and spread it on the plate.

Step 4: Put small cubes of shrimp mixture on mushrooms’ wrinkled sides; ornament each of them with a green pea.

Step 5: Steam the cubes until cooked and put them on the spinach.

Step 6: Stir-fry BBQ sauce, sesame oil, chicken powder in another pan until boiled; add a teaspoon of tapioca flour with water.

Step 7: After the sauce is done, pour it on the steamed shrimp cubes and serve.

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