Yakitori with Pepper Salt & Curry Sauce

Yakitori with Pepper Salt & Curry Sauce
Cooks in: 15 mins
Serves: 2


Cooking Sauce:

Some TM Tasty Pepper Salt;

2 tablespoon HD Curry Sauce;

30g MS BBQ Sauce;

15g KY Mirin;

5g ground garlic;

15g apple puree;

Some ground black pepper.


Fresh Ingredients:

100g cucumber;

90g sweet bell peppers;

50g bamboo shoots;

8 bacon slices.



Step 1: Mix curry sauce, BBQ sauce, ground garlic, apple puree, and Mirin together as curry-flavoured BBQ sauce.

Step 2: Cut bamboo shoots into medium lengths, wrap them with bacon slices.

Step 3: Thread bacon wraps, sliced cucumber, and sweet bell peppers onto 4 wooden skewers.

Step 4: Put the skewers on the pan until cooked; brush them with the curry-flavoured BBQ sauce.

Step 5: Finally, sprinkle some ground black pepper and tasty pepper salt on the skewers.

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